Hoppu comes on Android!

Hoppu comes on Android!

We’ve had lot of people requesting us to get the game on android and we’d like to thank them for waiting this long. :)
After being exclusive on Blackberry for two months, we’re here with an Android release for Hoppu!


Check out our awesome trailer, and if you have a different platform(Windows or iOS), let us know if you want us to be there :D

If you love the game, do leave us a feedback :)

HOPPU Updated to

HOPPU Updated to

A week or more now, after launching Hoppu on Blackberry App World, we’re releasing the first post-release update today!

Version (Highly Recommended to Update)
- Improve framerate
- Link back to app’s facebook page
- Preview available for Q devices.

We took feedback from our loving users seriously (which you should, if you want to be a good game developer) and quickly fixed the lag issues that some of them seem to face on either their dev alpha devices or 10.2 OS or earlier versions of Z phones (STL100-1/2)

Major lag issues are fixed and the game is much faster now, allowing you to have more precise and quicker hopping the penguin.

In house, we’ve tested both on Z10 dev alpha B (1GB) and Z10 producion (2GB), and we’re getting FPS around 38-42 (as compared to earlier 18-22)
Hoping this will make the experience better for all the gamers.

Highly recommend everyone to update.
Thank you all for the support :)

HOPPU Stats – Less than 12 hrs after Launch!

HOPPU Stats – Less than 12 hrs after Launch!

So I can’t get a stats from Blackberry World yet (regarding number of downloads), but here’s some stats from the analytics I wrote in our fun game “Hoppu” that we launched live on Blackberry World less than 12 hrs ago.
Update:, We just got the report. 38 users had downloaded in 12 hours and right now within less than 48 hours of launch, we have 155 users; just on Blackberry platform. :D


Fun, Crazy, Tough
Casual Arcade Game


Number of times users have played the game: 1248

Holy sh*t right? :) Loving to see that users are having an addiction here ;)

Detailed count per Level:

Level-1 #283
Level-2 #361
Level-3 #222
Level-4 #141
Level-5 #45
Level-6 #69
Level-7 #19
Level-8 #2
Level-9 #53
Level-10 #30
Level-11 #3
Level-12 #20
Level-13 #0

Yikes! so Level-13 has 0 plays, meaning no one has been able to unlock Level13.
By default, levels 1-12 are unlocked to all users. :)

Game is pretty tough eh? ;)

Let us know if you have had fun playing the game! :)

HOPPU is now Available on Blackberry!

HOPPU is now Available on Blackberry!

Hi Five! guys :)
We’ve released “HOPPU” as an exclusive Blackberry First! launch :D

DOWNLOAD NOW on Blackberry World, FREE!
If you love tough games, you’re gonna love Hoppu! :)

I am thankful to my team for working with me on this, and Hugs to everyone who helped testing(thankfully, didn’t have to hold a gun to anyone’s head). ;)
A special appreciation for Erik Oros, from Blackberry, who is extending us help with important things for further integration with Blackberry services.

For the amazing people who read our blog regularly, ‘Hoppu’ is the game reveal of the un-named title we were testing according to posts THIS and THAT. :)

Android Users, please do not panic! We love you too and we shall have a cool news for you soon!!

Stay up-to-date by Liking our facebook page for the game!

BETA Closed – A simple yet tough to beat game!

BETA Closed – A simple yet tough to beat game!

Last week, we released the BETA of an awesomely tough game!
Honestly, we expected like 5 people to sign up max :) from close friends.

But 15 hours, into the release and I was still stuck all night, to the screen, monitoring our little cloud server on which game was hosted…

1129 LEVELS PLAYS in 15 hours!!!

And the fun doesn’t stop there…

I had good time un-expectedly showing the game off on a big screen at NASSCOM Gaming Forum meet :)

and right now stats stands at..

23 Beta SignUps,



One thing you can take from this, is that the game is indeed super tough.
We’re taking feedbacks as of now, and working on fixing the beta bugs.

You shall hear about the release from us soon :)
Big thanks and Hugs to everyone!


P.S: Tune into our facebook page or tweet us ;)

A simple yet tough to beat game – BETA Link!

A simple yet tough to beat game – BETA Link!

Well, it’s not really un-named game; we have a name, we’re just not putting it out yet!
But if you look closely onto our pages – http://facebook.com/Toonheart , you might know the name ;)

Now on, to the main news, we’re releasing open BETA… TODAY!

Anyone and Everyone wanting to spend some time this weekend mashing your phones, playing a challenging game? 
All super players and lovers of frustrating games please head on to

The matrix at the South Pole need YOU!

My small team of 3(includes me), has put a great effort into building this game, and so I would like to send you a small feedback form after you finish playing the game, or you can always feel free to write to me directly at

Top 10 Games – NASSCOM BYOG 2013!

Top 10 Games – NASSCOM BYOG 2013!

Good News People!

We were selected in Top 10 games from BYOG, NASSCOM for our submission
The Perfect World

NASSCOM gave us the opportunity to showcase the game at NGDC (NASSCOM Game Developers Conference), Pune – held on 15,16th Nov 2013.

I’d like to thank both NASSCOM and people behind BYOG.

A shoutout to co-indie “Kinshuk” (he co-runs a studio called Hashstash) and to my wonderful team (Ramesh & Gautham) without which this wouldn’t be possible. :)

Also, thanking everyone who played our game (both at the conference or online)..
We love You!

Some pics from the conference…

Gautham & Ramesh at NGDC

People trying our games at NGDC

Sorry not many pics were taken :D , and some turned out pretty crappy :)